In Memory Of
Patsy J. (Tenny) Carpenter
October 11, 1933 - December 3, 1998
Age 65

On December 3, 1998 I lost my wife Patsy, who passed away after a long illness. Patsy and I had been married for 26 years. Together we founded DFI in 1974. She handled the books and I did the work. Without Patsy it never could have happened.

I asked each of my two kids, Brenda and Wade, and Patsy's two kids, Patty and John, if they wanted to put something into this memorial for Patsy, their Mother.

These are some of the great things that can be said about my wife Patsy who is deeply missed by our children and myself, her husband.


From Brenda,

Dear Dad:

Here is a little something I wrote down for the memorial you're doing for Mom. As I wrote this down-finding it difficult to find the words that truly expressed how deeply she touched me. I count myself as being VERY LUCKY to have had the chance to have known her.

I Love You Dad


You were always there for me
Giving me encouragement and support
You taught me the true meaning of a "Mother"
Giving unconditional LOVE
Taking the "STEP" out and
Accepting me as your daughter
You will always be someone
I Feel Lucky and Proud to call "MOM"

Love Always and Forever


Here is what Patty wrote to me,


We can never say enough about Mom .

I miss her so much it hurts! She is always on my mind. Something happens during the day and I still think about calling her to tell her, then remember I can't. She was always there to listen to me ramble on when I had a bad day and never really had to say anything but I always felt better after I told her.

Mom always had a smile for everyone. She could always make you feel better. She taught us to always have a smile on our faces and how to laugh at ourselves.

When we were small I know she had a rough job raising us as a single parent but we never felt like we were doing without. She always made us feel special and did the little things that were important.

Then as one of the best things she ever did for us was to find you. You two were perfect for each other and for all of us kids. Together you brought us together as a family. I hate to imagine what Mom's life would of been without you. You treated her with more respect and took care of her more than anyone else would of. For that we are thankful and we love you.

I can't type any more because I can't see the keyboard thru the tears.

Thanks for everything.

Love Patty

Attached is what our grandaughter, age 12, wrote about her Grandma on 11/13/98 in a school assignment. This was prior to Patsy passing away.


          I admire my grandma because about 6 months ago she was diagnosed with a disease. She has been going through chemotherapy and has lost all her hair. Still, she has a smile on her face everyday and is always happy. She keeps on getting weaker, but she goes everywhere with me. I really admire her.

Katie Miller
Katie wrote this a few months after Patsy passed away:

Hi Papa,
Here's what I wrote.

My Grandma will always
Be special to me. I
Will always love her and
Will never stop loving her.
Now I would like to tell
Somethings about her. She
Always had a smile on
Her face and a cookie
For me. One of her
Favorite places was
Las Vegas. She always
Had that one quarter
For the gumball machine.
I loved helping her
Make bread and coffee.
To me she was the
Greatest grandmother in
The world. This is going
To be the first Mother’s
Day without her. I will
Miss her very much
And never forget the
Good times I spent with


My Sister Eula wrote this. It really says a lot of the type of person and the Lady she was:


Who thought the sun only shined if her husband was in the room?

Whose chest exploded from pride when someone mentioned her children?

Who could laugh so easily when her grandchildren came to visit or called?

Who wore a grin from ear to ear when anyone mentioned Las Vegas?

Who was always ready for a party?

Who never had a hair out of place and her makeup on just so?

Who never had an unkind word for anyone?

Who was the true meaning of a "lady'?

Who do we miss and have only "kind thoughts" when we think of her?

Here is a letter from John (Patsy's son) and Robin:


I have spent alot of time thinking of just the right way of remenbering my mother. She did so many great things for me. I have chosen the most important talent that she taught me, the power of family. My mother was a person of few words and great action.

She loved everyone she met and never said a harsh word against anyone. She worked hard rarely missing any time from work. She was providing for her kids and sick time, at the time, wasn't an option to her. She worked hard and long hours to provide what she could for her two kids. We never lived in a big house nor drove a new car. She taught us to be thankful for what we had and that others didn't have what we had.

She taught me the importance of family. That by having the support of them you could move mountains.

Team work was what was important. We all had our job that made things work. But most of all she made us feel good about ourselves. She always taught me to look for the good in people, and not to judge others that had intent of wrong doings.

I will miss not talking to her on the computer. My trips back to Michigan to have coffee and to go for rides looking for old friends. For those of you that knew my Mom remember she loved and enjoyed all of you. The others that read these letters from her family, get to know them and you will see in us the special talent and caring that she left to us.

Mom I love and miss you deeply
John and Robin

Here is a letter from Wade (my Son), Jill & Nathan Carpenter


We think it is wonderful the way you have chosen to honor the memory of Pasty, and thankful you have given us the opportunity to express our thoughts and feelings. You are a great man and a wonderful husband, but I am sure you are aware that along side every great man is a greater woman. ;-)


Circumstances and miles had kept us apart. However, the thing that stands out in our minds was the ever-present warmth and welcome we felt from Patsy during our visits. Even though we were so many miles apart Patsy never forgot her grandson. She always knew the right things for those special occasions and holidays. From Nathan's introduction to Winnie the Pooh with his first of MANY Pooh videos, to the perfect additions to a little boy's wardrobe, she was always right on.

We are saddened that Pasty only had one opportunity to spend time with her grandson yet grateful for that time. Patsy was the perfect grandma… Loving, proud, encouraging and above all patient.

Patsy, so beautifully soft spoken, was one of the most dignified and courageous people we have ever known. Patsy had battled illness for a long time, but because of her unmatched dignity and constant beautiful smile we never realized the depth of her battle. From her class, and positive outlook, to her love and caring of others Pasty was a wonderful example for us all!

Beautiful Wife, Loving Mother, Proud Grandmother & Lady Luck! She will be deeply missed until we all meet again!

Wade, Jill & Nathan Carpenter

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